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The Hildabeest


Hillary’s Resume

Hillary Clinton has been telling America that she is the most qualified candidate for president based on her ‘record,’ which she says includes her eight years in the White House as First Lady – or ‘co-president’ – and her seven years in the Senate.

Here is a reminder of what that record includes:

– As First Lady, Hillary assumed authority over Health Care Reform, a process that cost the taxpayers over $13 million. She told both Bill Bradley and Patrick Moynihan, key votes needed to pass her legislation, that she would ‘demonize’ anyone who opposed it. But it was opposed; she couldn’t even get it to a vote in a Congress controlled by her own party. (And in the next election, her party lost control of both the House and Senate.)

– Hillary assumed authority over selecting a female Attorney General. Her first two recommendations, Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood, were forced to withdraw their names from consideration. She then chose Janet Reno. Janet Reno has since been described by Bill himself as ‘my worst mistake.’

– Hillary recommended Lani Guanier for head of the Civil Rights Commission. When Guanier’s radical views became known, her name had to be withdrawn.

– Hillary recommended her former law partners, Web Hubbell, Vince Foster, and William Kennedy for positions in the Justice Department, White House staff, and the Treasury, respectively. Hubbell was later imprisoned, Foster committed suicide, and Kennedy was forced to resign.

– Hillary also recommended a close friend of the Clintons, Craig Livingstone, for the position of director of White House security. When Livingstone was investigated for the improper access of up to 900 FBI files of Clinton enemies (‘Filegate’) and the widespread use of drugs by White House staff, both Hillary and her husband denied knowing him. FBI agent Dennis Sculimbrene confirmed in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in 1996, both the drug use and Hillary’s involvement in hiring Livingstone. After that, the FBI closed its White House Liaison Office, after serving seven presidents for over thirty years.

– In order to open ‘slots’ in the White House for her friends the Thomasons (to whom millions of dollars in travel contracts could be awarded), Hillary had the entire staff of the White House Travel Office fired; they were reported to the FBI for ‘gross mismanagement’ and their reputations ruined. After a thirty-month investigation, only one, Billy Dale, was charged with a crime – mixing personal money with White House funds when he cashed checks. The jury acquitted him in less than two hours.

– Another of Hillary’s assumed duties was directing the ‘bimbo eruption squad’ and scandal defense:
—- She urged her husband not to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit.
—- She refused to release the Whitewater documents, which led to the appointment of Ken Starr as Special Prosecutor. After $80 million dollars of taxpayer money was spent, Starr’s investigation led to Monica Lewinsky, which led to Bill lying about and later admitting his affairs.
—- Then they had to settle with Paula Jones after all.
—- And Bill lost his law license for lying to the grand jury
—- And Bill was impeached by the House.
—- And Hillary almost got herself indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice (she avoided it mostly because she repeated, ‘I do not recall,’ ‘I have no recollection,’ and ‘I don’t know’ 56 times under oath).

– Hillary wrote ‘It Takes a Village,’ demonstrating her Socialist viewpoint.

– Hillary decided to seek election to the Senate in a state she had never lived in. Her husband pardoned FALN terrorists in order to get Latino support and the New Square Hassidim to get Jewish support. Hillary also had Bill pardon her brother’s clients, for a small fee, to get financial support.

– Then Hillary left the White House, but later had to return $200,000 in White House furniture, China, and artwork she had stolen.

– In the campaign for the Senate, Hillary played the ‘woman card’ by portraying her opponent (Lazio) as a bully picking on her.

– Hillary’s husband further protected her by asking the National Archives to withhold from the public until 2012 many records of their time in the White House, including much of Hillary’s correspondence and her calendars. (There are ongoing lawsuits to force the release of those records.)

– As the junior Senator from New York, Hillary has passed no major legislation. She has deferred to the senior Senator (Schumer) to tend to the needs of New Yorkers, even on the hot issue of medical problems of workers involved in the cleanup of Ground Zero after 9/11.

– Hillary’s one notable vote; supporting the plan to invade Iraq, she has since disavowed.

Quite a resume! Sounds more like an organized crime family’s rap sheet.

Thanks to Sharona!


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  1. Somewhere in our extensive library is a book by a former White House military aide, detailing the contempt with which the Clintons treated the military throughout their eight years in the White House. While this has nothing to do with HiLIARy per se, it does note that her husband had the opportunity to eliminate Osama Bin Laden — the military had him in its sights — but he was too busy playing golf to give the order that would have allowed them to take out Bin Ladin. Ohyeah, like I really want this broad for President?!?!?!

  2. I feel the same way, and there is a certain satisfaction that “Osama” Barack Hussein Obama is whipping her butt in the primaries. But he’s not much of an alternative. Even more of a liberal. Wants socialized medicine yada yada and so on. McCain isn’t much better. I’m about ready to move to an island in the Azores and start my own country.

  3. Addendum – Dick Morris, who was on the Clinton staff for years and years, loves Bill, despises Hilliary, says that if 8 years in the White House as the First Lady qualify Hilliary for the Presidency, then the White House Pastry Chef is also qualified to be president! Rather image nice, I think. The pastry chef as President – he’d probably do a better job.

  4. The name of the book is “Reckless Disregard,” by Lt/Col Robert Patterson, USAF/RET.

    My sister’s birthday is today, and we spent yesterday together while I spoiled her rotten. I got her a birthday card, showing a cartoon of Hillary at a large desk with a nameplate, “President Hillary Clinton,” and when you open the card it says, “See? There are scarier things than growing a year older.” I thought my sister would die laughing. (That makes *3* women, anyway, who loathe Hillary — you, me, and my sister.)

    As I grow older, I become more and more of a monarchist. For one thing, Monarchy is the only form of government that’s blessed in the Bible.

    Not that that POV does me much good these days…

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